Contract Terms and Conditions for the Use of Paradise Coast Branding

The South Eastern Ward of the Coromandel Peninsula (being the area between Pumpkin Hill, north of Tairua, to Whangamata) is the boundary in which this brand/logo can be used. No other area of the Coromandel Peninsula is permitted to use the product.

The logo/brand is free to use by approved individuals and businesses.

This agreement sets out the terms under which we authorise you to use the Paradise

Coast Toolbox.

1. The individual or business using the brand and logo must reside or operate within the South Eastern Ward boundary of the Coromandel   Peninsula.

2. Only use the brand / logos in its entirety as per the toolbox, this includes pms colours and fonts.

3. Not use the logo in any way that could mislead the public or bring the brand into disrepute.

4. Not copy or forward an electronic copy of logo to any person or organisation except for in the course of its ordinary use as a promotional   product.

5. Not dispute ownership of the logo.

6. Not apply to register the logo.

7. Indemnifying us against all loss, damage, liability, cost and expense suffered or incurred by us as a result of your breach of these  terms, including misrepresentation.